Type11 (CID 2)

This is a format for storing and presenting text information. It’s also referred to as CID 2 and is basically used for imaging and creating complex fonts in PDF. It’s based on the TrueType system, but allows for more precise adjustment and allows for refined writing due to a 16-bit structure that is very important when displaying Asian language symbols.

Supported Conversions

Convert to T11 Conversions Rating
1 TTF to T11 4.4 19 votes
2 OTF to T11 5.0 2 votes
3 PS to T11 5.0 1 votes
4 SVG to T11 4.0 1 votes
5 WOFF to T11 5.0 1 votes
6 BIN to T11
7 CFF to T11
8 CID to T11
9 DFONT to T11
10 PFA to T11
11 PFB to T11
12 PT3 to T11
13 SFD to T11
14 T42 to T11