Formats & Conversion Types


Format Description Conversions
7Z 7-Zip Compressed File 7Z Converter
ACE WinAce Compressed File ACE Converter
ALZ ALZip Archive ALZ Converter
ARC ARC Compressed Archive File ARC Converter
ARJ Archiver Robert Jung ARJ Converter
CAB Cabinet File CAB Converter
CPIO Copy Input/Output CPIO Converter
DEB Debian Compressed Archive File DEB Converter
JAR Java ARchive JAR Converter
LHA LHArc LHA Converter
RAR WinRAR Compressed Archive RAR Converter
RPM Red Hat Package Manager RPM Converter
TAR Tape Archive File TAR Converter
TAR.7Z Compressed Archive File TAR.7Z Converter
TAR.BZ Compressed Archive File TAR.BZ Converter
TAR.LZ Compressed Archive File TAR.LZ Converter
TAR.LZMA Lempel-Ziv-Markov chain-Algorithm TAR.LZMA Converter
TAR.LZO Compressed Archive File TAR.LZO Converter
TAR.XZ Compressed Archive File TAR.XZ Converter
TAR.Z Compressed Archive File TAR.Z Converter
TBZ2 Compressed Archive File TBZ2 Converter
TGZ Compressed Archive File TGZ Converter
ZIP Compressed Archive File ZIP Converter


Format Description Conversions
AAC Advanced Audio Coding AAC Converter
AC3 AC3 Audio File AC3 Converter
AIFF Audio Interchange File Format AIFF Converter
AMR Adaptive Multi Rate AMR Converter
APE Monkey's Audio APE Converter
CAF Core Audio Format CAF Converter
DTS Digital Theater Systems DTS Converter
FLAC Free Lossless Audio Codec FLAC Converter
M4A Compressed Audio File M4A Converter
MP3 MP3 Audio Format MP3 Converter
OGG Ogg Vorbis Compressed Audio File OGG Converter
WAV Waveform Audio File Format WAV Converter
WMA Windows Media Audio WMA Converter


Format Description Conversions
DXF Autocad Drawing Exchange DXF Converter


Format Description Conversions
CSV Comma-Separated Values CSV Converter
DJVU Deja Vu DJVU Converter
DOC Microsoft Word Document DOC Converter
DOCX Microsoft Office Open XML DOCX Converter
HTML HyperText Markup Language HTML Converter
ODT ODF Text Document ODT Converter
PDF Portable Document Format PDF Converter
RTF Rich Text Format RTF Converter
TXT Plaintext Text File TXT Converter
WPS Microsoft Works Text Document WPS Converter
XLS Microsoft Excel Worksheet Sheet (97-2003) XLS Converter
XLSX Office Open XML Worksheet Sheet XLSX Converter


Format Description Conversions
AZW3 Amazon Kindle AZW3 Converter
EPUB Electronic Publication EPUB Converter
FB2 FictionBook FB2 Converter
LRF Sony Media LRF Converter
MOBI Mobipocket eBook MOBI Converter
PDB Palm Database ImageViewer Format PDB Converter
RB Rocket eBook RB Converter
SNB Shanda Bambook SNB Converter
TCR Text Compression for Reader TCR Converter


Format Description Conversions
AFM Adobe Font Metrics AFM Converter
BIN PostScript Type 1 (MacBin) BIN Converter
CFF CFF (Bare) CFF Converter
CID Adobe CID Fonts CID Converter
DFONT Mac dfont DFONT Converter
OTF OpenType (CFF) Font OTF Converter
PFA PostScript Type 1 PFA Converter
PFB PostScript Type 1 (Binary) PFB Converter
PS PostScript (Type 0) PS Converter
PT3 PostScript Type 3 PT3 Converter
SFD Spline Font Database SFD Converter
T11 Type11 (CID 2) T11 Converter
T42 Type42 T42 Converter
TTF TrueType Font TTF Converter
UFO Unified Font Object UFO Converter
WOFF Web Open Font Format WOFF Converter


Format Description Conversions
3FR Hasselblad CFV/H3D39II 3FR Converter
ARW Sony Alpha Raw Image Format ARW Converter
BMP Bitmap Image File BMP Converter
CR2 Canon Digital Camera Raw Image Format CR2 Converter
CRW Canon Digital Camera Raw Image Format CRW Converter
CUR Cursor File CUR Converter
DCM DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine image) DCM Converter
DCR Kodak Digital Camera Raw Image File DCR Converter
DDS Microsoft DirectDraw Surface DDS Converter
DNG Digital Negative DNG Converter
ERF Epson RAW Format ERF Converter
EXR High Dynamic-range (HDR) EXR Converter
FAX Group 3 FAX FAX Converter
FTS Flexible Image Transport System FTS Converter
G3 Group 3 FAX G3 Converter
GIF Graphics Interchange Format GIF Converter
HDR Radiance RGBE image format HDR Converter
HRZ Slow Scan TeleVision HRZ Converter
ICO Icon ICO Converter
IPL IPL Image Sequence IPL Converter
JP2 JPEG 2000 JP2 Converter
JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group JPEG Converter
JPG Joint Photographic Experts Group JPG Converter
K25 Kodak Digital Camera Raw Image Format K25 Converter
KDC Kodak Digital Camera Raw Image Format KDC Converter
MAC MAC Paint MAC Converter
MAP Colormap intensities and indices MAP Converter
MEF Mamiya Raw Image File MEF Converter
MNG Multiple-image Network Graphics MNG Converter
MRW Sony (Minolta) Raw Image File MRW Converter
MTV MTV Raytracing image format MTV Converter
NEF Nikon Digital SLR Camera Raw Image File NEF Converter
NRW Nikon Digital SLR Camera Raw Image File NRW Converter
ORF Olympus Digital Camera Raw Image File ORF Converter
OTB On-the-air bitmap OTB Converter
PAL 16bit/pixel interleaved YUV PAL Converter
PALM Palm pixmap PALM Converter
PAM Common 2-dimensional bitmap format PAM Converter
PBM Portable Bitmap PBM Converter
PCD Photo CD PCD Converter
PCT Apple Macintosh QuickDraw/PICT PCT Converter
PCX Personal Computer Exchange PCX Converter
PDB Palm Database ImageViewer Format PDB Converter
PEF Pentax Electronic File PEF Converter
PES Embrid Embroidery Format PES Converter
PFM Portable float format PFM Converter
PGM Portable Graymap PGM Converter
PGX JPEG-2000 VM Format PGX Converter
PICON Personal Icon PICON Converter
PICT Apple Macintosh QuickDraw/PICT PICT Converter
PIX Alias/Wavefront RLE image format PIX Converter
PLASMA Plasma fractal image PLASMA Converter
PNG Portable Network Graphic PNG Converter
PNM Portable anymap PNM Converter
PPM Portable Pixmap PPM Converter
PSD Adobe Photoshop bitmap PSD Converter
PWP Seattle Film Works PWP Converter
RAF Fuji CCD-RAW Graphic File RAF Converter
RAS SUN Rasterfile RAS Converter
RGB Raw red, green, and blue samples RGB Converter
RGBA Raw red, green, blue, and alpha samples RGBA Converter
RGBO Raw red, green, blue, and opacity samples RGBO Converter
RLA Alias/Wavefront image RLA Converter
RLE Utah Run length encoded image RLE Converter
SCT Scitex HandShake SCT Converter
SFW Seattle Film Works SFW Converter
SGI Irix RGB image SGI Converter
SR2 Sony Raw Format 2 SR2 Converter
SRF Sony Raw Format SRF Converter
SUN SUN Rasterfile SUN Converter
SVG Scalable Vector Graphics SVG Converter
TGA Truevision TGA (Targa) Image TGA Converter
TIFF Tagged Image File Format TIFF Converter
UYVY 16bit/pixel interleaved YUV UYVY Converter
VIFF Khoros Visualization image VIFF Converter
WBMP Wireless Bitmap WBMP Converter
WEBP WebP Image Format WEBP Converter
WMZ Compressed Windows Meta File WMZ Converter
WPG Word Perfect Graphics WPG Converter
X3F Sigma Camera RAW Picture File X3F Converter
XBM X Windows system bitmap (black and white) XBM Converter
XC Constant image uniform color XC Converter
XCF GIMP image XCF Converter
XPM X Windows system pixmap (color) XPM Converter
XV Khoros Visualization image XV Converter
XWD X Windows system window dump (color) XWD Converter
YUV CCIR 601 4:1:1 or 4:2:2 YUV Converter


Format Description Conversions
ODP OpenDocument Presentation ODP Converter
PPS PowerPoint Slide Show 97/2000/XP PPS Converter
PPSM PowerPoint Slide Show with Macros Enabled PPSM Converter
PPSX PowerPoint Slide Show PPSX Converter
PPT Microsoft PowerPoint 97/2000/XP PPT Converter
PPTM Microsoft PowerPoint with Macros Enabled PPTM Converter
PPTX Microsoft PowerPoint PPTX Converter


Format Description Conversions
AFF Acorn Draw AFF Converter
AI Adobe Illustrator AI Converter
CCX Corel Compressed Exchange files CCX Converter
CDR CorelDRAW Graphics files (7-X3,X4 versions) CDR Converter
CDT CorelDRAW templates files (7-X3,X4 versions) CDT Converter
CGM Computer Graphics Metafile CGM Converter
CMX Corel Presentation Exchange files (CMX1 format) CMX Converter
DST Design format (Tajima) DST Converter
EMF Enhanced Metafile EMF Converter
EPS Encapsulated PostScript EPS Converter
EXP Embroidery file format (Melco) EXP Converter
FIG XFig file format FIG Converter
PCS Design format (Pfaff home) PCS Converter
PES Embrid Embroidery Format PES Converter
PLT HPGL for cutting plotter PLT Converter
PS PostScript (Type 0) PS Converter
SK Sketch/Skencil format SK Converter
SK1 sK1 vector graphics SK1 Converter
SVG Scalable Vector Graphics SVG Converter
WMF Computer Graphics Metafile WMF Converter


Format Description Conversions
3G2 Third Generation Partnership Project 3G2 Converter
3GP Third Generation Partnership Project 3GP Converter
AAF Advanced Authoring Format AAF Converter
ASF Advanced Systems Format ASF Converter
AVCHD Advanced Video Coding High Definition AVCHD Converter
AVI Audio Video Interleave AVI Converter
DIVX DivX DIVX Converter
DV Digital Video DV Converter
F4V Flash Video F4V Converter
FLV Flash Video FLV Converter
HEVC High Efficiency Video Coding HEVC Converter
M2TS AVCHD Video M2TS Converter
M2V MPEG-2 Video M2V Converter
M4V MPEG-4 Video File M4V Converter
MKV Matroska Multimedia Container MKV Converter
MOD MOD MOD Converter
MOV QuickTime File Format MOV Converter
MP4 MPEG-4 Part 14 MP4 Converter
MPEG Moving Picture Experts Group MPEG Converter
MPEG-2 MPEG-2 MPEG-2 Converter
MPG Moving Picture Experts Group MPG Converter
MTS AVCHD Video MTS Converter
MXF Material eXchange Format MXF Converter
OGV Ogg Vorbis Video OGV Converter
RM RealMedia RM Converter
RMVB RealMedia Variable Bitrate RMVB Converter
SWF Shockwave Flash SWF Converter
TOD TOD TOD Converter
TS Transport Stream TS Converter
VOB Video Object VOB Converter
WEBM WEB Media WEBM Converter
WMV Windows Media Video WMV Converter
XVID XviD XVID Converter