PostScript Type 3

This format is used to store templates and designs in PageMaker 3. PT3 allows for a set of font descriptions, and for the layout and graphical elements to be stored in PostScript Type 3 format. This container is used as an editable file to meet publishing needs, and was created in a program for the PageMaker layout.

Supported Conversions

Convert to PT3 Conversions Rating
1 TTF to PT3 4.3 6 votes
2 CFF to PT3 4.0 1 votes
3 DFONT to PT3 3.0 1 votes
4 OTF to PT3 4.0 1 votes
5 SVG to PT3 4.0 1 votes
6 BIN to PT3
7 CID to PT3
8 PFA to PT3
9 PFB to PT3
10 PS to PT3
11 SFD to PT3
12 T11 to PT3
13 T42 to PT3
14 WOFF to PT3