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True Audio

TTA is a simple and stable lossless audio data format for real-time compressing of digital music. Free and fully-functional for any use. It has a very simple structure. The TTA file header contains a unique format identifier, which is followed by meta-data block. Meta-data block contains minimal information which is needed for restoring the original stream (including number of channels, count of bits per sample, sample rate and overall number of samples in file, etc.) and ended by a 32-bit control sum. Following that header, we write one or more audio frames. Each frame is ended by a 32-bit control sum; a decoder may start decoding from any frame in the stream. The compressed samples of channels in a frame are located sequentially, as in a simple PCM data format.

Supported Conversions

Convert to TTA Conversions Rating
1 MP3 to TTA 5.0 6 votes
2 CDDA to TTA 5.0 2 votes
3 WAV to TTA 5.0 2 votes
4 3GP to TTA 5.0 1 votes
5 M4A to TTA 5.0 1 votes
6 AAC to TTA 5.0 1 votes
7 MP4 to TTA 5.0 1 votes
8 WMV to TTA 5.0 1 votes
9 WVE to TTA 4.0 1 votes
10 OGG to TTA 3.0 1 votes
11 3G2 to TTA
12 AAF to TTA
13 ASF to TTA
14 AV1 to TTA

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