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Digital Negative

This format contains uncompressed RAW images, and it is used to create photos for archival storage. It has a TIFF structure and is distributed with open source. DNG is also used for the intermediate storage of digital images. It is supported by most camera manufacturers. It was developed by Adobe. It can be used to store multiple images, one of which is used for previews.

Supported Conversions

Convert from DNG Conversions Rating
1 DNG to JPG 3.8 104 votes
2 DNG to PNG 3.8 14 votes
3 DNG to JPEG 3.8 8 votes
4 DNG to DXF 4.7 3 votes
5 DNG to TIFF 3.8 3 votes
6 DNG to DOC 4.0 1 votes
7 DNG to PDF 4.0 1 votes
8 DNG to PGM 3.0 1 votes
9 DNG to JP2
10 DNG to BMP
11 DNG to WBMP
12 DNG to GIF
13 DNG to TGA
14 DNG to SVG
15 DNG to PCX

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