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Debian Compressed Archive File

This is a compression format used for Debian packets and other Unix systems. It’s represented as packaged binary files containing information about author privileges, format version numbers, configuration data and other documents needed for installing programs from a packet.

Supported Conversions

Convert from DEB Conversions Rating
1 DEB to ZIP 4.9 57 votes
2 DEB to TGZ 5.0 13 votes
3 DEB to TAR.XZ 4.2 5 votes
4 DEB to JAR 4.5 4 votes
5 DEB to RAR 5.0 2 votes
6 DEB to TAR 5.0 2 votes
7 DEB to 7Z 5.0 1 votes
8 DEB to TAR.LZO 5.0 1 votes
10 DEB to ARJ
11 DEB to LHA
12 DEB to TBZ2
13 DEB to TAR.BZ
14 DEB to TAR.Z
15 DEB to TAR.LZ

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