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Amiga 8SVX

8-Bit Sampled Voice (8SVX) is an audio file format standard developed by Electronic Arts for the Commodore-Amiga computer series. It is a data subtype of the IFF file container format. It typically contains linear pulse-code modulation (LPCM) digital audio. The 8SVX subtype stores 8-bit audio data within chunks contained within an IFF file container. 8SVX subtypes can exist alone within IFF file containers (audio only), or can be multiplexed together with other IFF subtypes, such as video animation streams.

Supported Conversions

Convert to 8SVX Conversions Rating
1 MP3 to 8SVX 4.3 73 votes
2 WAV to 8SVX 4.2 19 votes
3 MP4 to 8SVX 3.8 13 votes
4 3GP to 8SVX 5.0 6 votes
5 M4A to 8SVX 5.0 4 votes
6 OGG to 8SVX 5.0 3 votes
7 AMR to 8SVX 4.3 3 votes
8 AIFF to 8SVX 5.0 2 votes
9 GSM to 8SVX 5.0 1 votes
10 AVR to 8SVX 4.0 1 votes
11 FLAC to 8SVX 5.0 1 votes
12 ASF to 8SVX 5.0 1 votes
13 MOV to 8SVX 5.0 1 votes
14 3G2 to 8SVX
15 AAF to 8SVX

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