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PostScript Type 1 (Binary)

This format was developed to simplify use of Type1-fonts in some software. It’s 8-bit and so it’s quickly processed by programs and it has a compact structure. PFB contains additional metadata. Besides the storage of system fonts, a good example of its use is its application in AutoCAD to create font files with compilation.

Supported Conversions

Convert from PFB Conversions Rating
1 PFB to TTF 4.6 192 votes
2 PFB to OTF 4.6 45 votes
3 PFB to PFM 4.6 11 votes
4 PFB to WOFF 4.8 9 votes
5 PFB to AFM 4.5 2 votes
6 PFB to PS 4.5 2 votes
7 PFB to TIFF 4.0 1 votes
8 PFB to BIN
9 PFB to CFF
10 PFB to CID
12 PFB to PFA
13 PFB to PFB
14 PFB to PT3
15 PFB to SFD

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