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Corel Compressed Exchange files

This is a format used for storing clipart images for working with CorelDRAW vector imaging. It’s used for entering separate, prepared graphical elements into a vector graphics design. It’s used as a blank template and is distributed in the form of millions of prepared cliparts which can compliment your own design.

Supported Conversions

Convert from CCX Conversions Rating
1 CCX to JPG 5.0 8 votes
2 CCX to AI 4.7 3 votes
3 CCX to SVG 5.0 3 votes
4 CCX to DOC 5.0 1 votes
5 CCX to DXF 5.0 1 votes
6 CCX to EPS 5.0 1 votes
7 CCX to GIF 5.0 1 votes
8 CCX to JPEG 5.0 1 votes
9 CCX to PDF 5.0 1 votes
10 CCX to PS
11 CCX to EMF
12 CCX to WMF
13 CCX to CGM
14 CCX to SK
15 CCX to SK1

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