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Seattle Film Works

A color bitmap image format produced by the PhotoWorks software, which is intended to be used for the distribution of graphic information. It is used for displaying information on the Internet. It is similar in structure to a JPEG file and can be converted without loss of quality. It is also used to store multiple SFW images.

Supported Conversions

Convert from PWP Conversions Rating
1 PWP to JPG 4.4 78 votes
2 PWP to JPEG 4.7 6 votes
3 PWP to PNG 4.4 5 votes
4 PWP to PDF 3.8 2 votes
5 PWP to PSD 4.0 1 votes
6 PWP to BMP 4.0 1 votes
7 PWP to JIF 5.0 1 votes
8 PWP to GIF 4.0 1 votes
9 PWP to SVG 4.0 1 votes
10 PWP to JP2
11 PWP to WBMP
12 PWP to TGA
13 PWP to PCX
14 PWP to TIFF
15 PWP to ICO

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PWP conversion quality rating

4.4 (98 votes)
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