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Design format (Pfaff home)

This format is used for sewing software on Windows for creating seams with a specific layout. It contains template information that can be sown onto the necessary material on programable sewing equipment. It contains vector imaging for templates.

Supported Conversions

Convert from PCS Conversions Rating
1 PCS to AI 4.8 12 votes
2 PCS to DXF 4.5 4 votes
3 PCS to PDF 4.8 4 votes
4 PCS to PNG 5.0 3 votes
5 PCS to DOCX 4.0 1 votes
6 PCS to EPS 5.0 1 votes
7 PCS to JPEG 4.0 1 votes
8 PCS to PS
9 PCS to EMF
10 PCS to WMF
11 PCS to CGM
12 PCS to SK
13 PCS to SK1
14 PCS to PLT
15 PCS to FIG

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