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Adobe CID Fonts

This is a format for presenting fonts in PDF files that was initially conceived to store symbols in the Japanese and Chinese languages because it had a 16-bit structure and allowed for more precise adjustment. CID expands the the potential for PostScript by supporting languages that do not have a left-to-right orientation, and by supporting even a vertical mode of orientation.

Supported Conversions

Convert from CID Conversions Rating
1 CID to TTF 4.4 20 votes
2 CID to JPG 4.2 10 votes
3 CID to OTF 5.0 3 votes
4 CID to WOFF 3.8 2 votes
5 CID to JPEG 5.0 2 votes
6 CID to GIF 5.0 1 votes
7 CID to PDB 5.0 1 votes
8 CID to PNG 3.0 1 votes
9 CID to SVG 5.0 1 votes
10 CID to BMP 5.0 1 votes
11 CID to BIN 5.0 1 votes
12 CID to AFM
13 CID to CFF
15 CID to PFA

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