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Maxis XA files

Maxis XA files. These are 16-bit ADPCM audio files used by Maxis games. Writing .xa files is currently not supported, although adding write support should not be very difficult.

Supported Conversions

Convert from XA Conversions Rating
1 XA to MP3 4.6 7 votes
2 XA to WAV 4.7 6 votes
3 XA to AAC 4.7 3 votes
4 XA to FLAC 5.0 1 votes
5 XA to OGG 4.0 1 votes
6 XA to WMA 4.0 1 votes
7 XA to AC3
8 XA to AIFF
9 XA to AMR
10 XA to M4A
11 XA to DTS
12 XA to OPUS
13 XA to SPX
14 XA to CAF
15 XA to TTA

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