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Compressed Windows Meta File

This is a format for storing skins for the Media Player interface in Windows. The WMZ format contains Jscript code and a set of graphical elements. The Jscript determines how each element interacts with the skin. It is stored in compressed form using ZIP compression.

Supported Conversions

Convert from WMZ Conversions Rating
1 WMZ to JPG 4.2 30 votes
2 WMZ to PDF 4.3 8 votes
3 WMZ to JPEG 4.8 4 votes
4 WMZ to PNG 3.8 3 votes
5 WMZ to DOC 4.0 1 votes
6 WMZ to RTF 4.0 1 votes
7 WMZ to WMF 5.0 1 votes
8 WMZ to JP2
9 WMZ to BMP
10 WMZ to WBMP
11 WMZ to GIF
12 WMZ to TGA
13 WMZ to SVG
14 WMZ to PCX
15 WMZ to TIFF

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WMZ conversion quality rating

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