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Sound Designer 2 format

SDII (Sound Designer II, sometimes seen abbreviated as SD2) is a monophonic/stereophonic audio file format, originally developed by Digidesign for their Macintosh -based recording/editing products. It is the successor to the original monophonic Sound Designer I audio file format.

Supported Conversions

Convert to SD2 Conversions Rating
1 MP3 to SD2 4.8 8 votes
2 MP4 to SD2 5.0 4 votes
3 M4A to SD2 4.7 3 votes
4 MPEG to SD2 5.0 2 votes
5 OPUS to SD2 5.0 2 votes
6 WAV to SD2 3.8 2 votes
7 OGG to SD2 5.0 1 votes
8 3G2 to SD2
9 3GP to SD2
10 AAF to SD2
11 ASF to SD2
12 AV1 to SD2
13 AVCHD to SD2
14 AVI to SD2
15 CAVS to SD2

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