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Olympus Digital Camera Raw Image File

This format is used by Olympus cameras to create RAW images. These files record data from the camera matrix that are used to generate the image. It contains raw data about contrast, saturation, color temperature, as well as metadata. The exposure and white balance can be changed in an ORF image while maintaining the level of detail and quality of the photo.

Supported Conversions

Convert from ORF Conversions Rating
1 ORF to JPG 4.6 451 votes
2 ORF to JPEG 4.6 106 votes
3 ORF to TIFF 4.4 19 votes
4 ORF to PNG 4.5 15 votes
5 ORF to PSD 5.0 3 votes
6 ORF to PDF 4.5 2 votes
7 ORF to HDR 5.0 1 votes
8 ORF to FTS 5.0 1 votes
9 ORF to DOCX 4.0 1 votes
10 ORF to PPM 4.0 1 votes
11 ORF to BMP 4.0 1 votes
12 ORF to JP2
13 ORF to WBMP
14 ORF to GIF
15 ORF to TGA

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