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To decompress a DBK file outside Sony Ericsson PC Suite, the user should rename the file extension to .ZIP and open it with a .ZIP decompression utility. DBK files are also associated with FJ Software Development's MyPhoneExplorer, which can also be used to manage a Sony Ericsson mobile phone.

Supported Conversions

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1 CSV to DBK 5.0 5 votes
2 PDF to DBK 4.8 4 votes
3 TXT to DBK 5.0 2 votes
4 JPG to DBK 5.0 1 votes
5 DOC to DBK 5.0 1 votes
6 HTML to DBK 5.0 1 votes
7 ABW to DBK
8 KWD to DBK
9 SXW to DBK
10 AW to DBK
11 3FR to DBK
12 ARW to DBK
13 BMP to DBK
14 CR2 to DBK
15 CRW to DBK

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