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Portable Voice Format

PVF is a special low-bandwidth ADPCM-based digital audio format for recording and storing human speech. A .pvf file contains digitally recorded speech in the PVF format. Such .pvf files were mainly used with legacy voice modems and software-based answering machines. Often, to be used with a specific modem, a .pvf file would have to be converted into the device-specific RMD format. Currently, PVF audio files can still be played with several major media players as well as converted into other formats (like WAV) with multi-format converter tools.

Supported Conversions

Convert to PVF Conversions Rating
1 MP3 to PVF 5.0 9 votes
2 MP4 to PVF 5.0 3 votes
3 M4A to PVF 5.0 2 votes
4 SPH to PVF 4.0 1 votes
5 SMP to PVF 4.0 1 votes
6 WVE to PVF 4.0 1 votes
7 AMR to PVF 5.0 1 votes
8 VOX to PVF 5.0 1 votes
9 3G2 to PVF
10 3GP to PVF
11 AAF to PVF
12 ASF to PVF
13 AV1 to PVF
15 AVI to PVF

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